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Warner Bros. in2movies – Hollywood for 6,99 EUR

By using the name in2movies, the US-American Movie- and TV Company Warner Bros starts together with Arvato a new Service for downloading fee required Movies in Germany. The distribution happens across Peer-to-Peer and Download-Servers.

The Movie-Library is still under construction. To use the offer you need to download an own Software which is 46,08 Megabyte big. At the moment you can find movies like Harry Potter, Last Samurai or Matrix: Reloaded there. The pricing takes place between interesting 6,99 EUR and solid 14,99 EUR, depending on topicality. Moreover there are TV-Episodes from Friends or Babylon 5 for about 0,99 EUR.

The Requirement for in2movies is MS Windows XP or Windows Media Center Edition 2005 and the IE6. As of now, Mac and Linux Users won’t be able to use in2movies. The platform is using the Microsoft-Software integrated digital Rightsmanagement, which is the requirement for burning and playing those movies. Additionally you need 512 Megabytes of RAM and a broadband Flatrate.

There is also a bonus for people using the P2P Methode. For uploading bought movies you will get so called MoviePoints which can be used to buy movies if you earned enough of them. That makes it easy for Arvato because they don’t have to build up the whole infrastructure themselve.

The price of 15,99 EUR is a joke, you can go two times into the cinema for that. Although, the model of 6,99 EUR sounds quite interesting. Anyway, even if you have burned a downloaded Movie to a DVD (which is possible) you can’t watch it on your DVD Player. It only works on your PC, nice one! For 15,99 EUR I gonna buy the movies on DVD and play it everywhere, PC and TV.

Here’s the link.

The Hills Have Eyes – not my favorite movie

The Hills Have EyesThe remake of Wes Craven’s The Hills Have Eyes. What makes this one special is the fact that Craven spearheaded the remake himself and has had his hands in the project from start to finish. He also smartlty enlisted a great director, Alexandre Aja, who recently kicked major horror ass with the film Haute Tension.

Quote: A suburban American family is being stalked by a group of psychotic people who live in the desert, far away from civilization.

The most recent potential victims consist of a middle-aged detective, his wife, their teenage son, two daughters, the older daughter’s husband, and their infant child. As they travel down the dirt road, they hit a string of spikes that blow out their tires and make them crash their vehicle. Of course now they’re way out of range to get any cell phone reception. The father, played by Ted “Buffalo Bill” Levine, decides to leave the family and walk back to the service station while his son-in-law (Stanford) heads off in the opposite direction to see what lies ahead. This leaves the women and teenage boy alone to fend for themselves. Things don’t go well for the Carter family.

I watched that movie in the cinema yesterday because some of my friends recommended it. Well, it’s really pretty violent, but without any kind of sense – in my opinion. Additionally the music partially just doesn’t fit. I’m not a big fan of the Horror Genre although I would say that Saw is a great movie. But this one here is only interesting for real Horror freaks who like plenty of violence. Especially the Rape scenes were pretty disgusting.

Playstation Portable: No more Movies?

Hollywood Reporter wrote that at least two big Movie Companies left the PSP Business. The movies just wouldn’t sell they said. Now Sony plans to build in a TV Out so it’s possible to watch the movies on the real TV, too. However, it’s not certain if those companies will ever come back.

Again, all the people who already own a PSP have a great disadvantage now. In fact it would be best to sell your PSP right now, otherwise it won’t be worth an Euro anymore.