URL Rewriting with IIS7

Finally Microsoft released the long anticipated IIS7 URL Rewrite Module. It really was about time! The key features look promising:

  • Rules-based URL rewriting engine
  • Regular expression pattern matching
  • Wildcard pattern matching
  • Global and distributed rewrite rules
  • Access to server variables and http headers
  • Various rule actions
  • Rewrite maps
  • UI for managing rewrite rules
  • GUI tool for importing of mod_rewrite rules

Quite comfortable that they even integrated a GUI Tool for importing Apache2 mod_rewrite rules. I’m not sure yet how strong URL Routing is, which first came up with the MVC CTPs and is now available for ASP.NET, too – I didn’t test it yet. For now I will give the new IIS7 Module a first shot as my current projects use URL Rewriting already and I think it’ll be easier to port my existing third-party URL Rewrite Engine to the new IIS7 one. I plan on not touching URL Routing until it reached the final status.

Get it here: IIS7 – using url rewrite module.


#1 kalyan babu on 08.08.08 at 12:14 pm

yes i want to .net verson new verons

#2 sagar on 10.22.08 at 7:59 am

how can i prepare for the microsoft certification for .net

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