ASP.NET Deployment Tool v1.9

Version 1.9 adds a little requested feature to my ASP.NET Deployment Tool. Whenever you hit Deploy Local a file called compilerlog.txt will be created now in the Application Folder which holds the compiler output.

So if you got lots of warnings and errors popping up it’s easier to investigate them by looking into compilerlog.txt. Of course using Visual Studio is still best for investigation but it appeared that many people do small fixes without firing up VS once again.

“Bin” is checked by default now: It only copies the content of the bin directory when you hit Copy to FTP.

Short overview for people who don’t know it yet:

An avanced and robust Deployment Tool for precompiling your ASP.NET Websites! Pre-Compilation gives your site a performance boost and secures it.

Precompile and deploy your Website: Specific Error Panel, FTP Support, Deploy to Network, Merge Assemblies, easy to use.

Download it here: ASP.NET Deployment Tool v1.9 (I didn’t update the version number on that page yet, don’t mind it, it’s v1.9)

Edit: I set the background color of the Toolstrip to a static color as many people use black for their desktops 🙂


#1 Daniel S. on 12.18.06 at 2:28 pm

Thanks for the update, Andreas! I still use your tool for my deployments, small and easy indeed 😎


#2 Anuj on 12.19.06 at 7:05 am


#3 roby on 12.19.06 at 9:07 pm

I get an error message when trying to download it …:cry:

#4 andreas.kraus on 12.20.06 at 8:55 am

Hi there roby,

sorry my host had a little downtime. It’s back up now.


#5 .NET Developer BS Blogs on 12.20.06 at 7:26 pm

ASP.NET Deployment Tool…

Visual Studio 2005 bietet von Haus aus schon sehr gute Möglichkeiten eine ASP.NET Anwendung zu veröffentlichen….

#6 Anders Jacobsen on 12.20.06 at 11:48 pm

Can not find out how to use it (!). stating the tool only “Deploy local” is enabled. When pushed, I get “Please configure your settings first”. But where do i configure? No config file is generated and the program contains no config options?

#7 andreas.kraus on 12.21.06 at 8:02 am

Hello Anders,

right above “Deploy Local” is a Strip containing “Settings”, I noticed that this bar is unfortunately black on many pcs, here it’s blue, it depends on the Windows Settings. I’ll change it into permanent blue for the next version.

For now just move your mouse above Deploy local into that black bar and hit “Settings”.


#8 Adel on 12.21.06 at 6:47 pm

great, didn’t know about it before but sure seems like handy tool.

#9 Casey on 12.21.06 at 9:55 pm

I ran the tool and it informed me it couldn’t merge. I installed the package from the page the readme told me to visit. I re-ran the tool and I still get the error dialog telling me aspnet_merge is not installed. I have it’s location in my path also… still no luck. What is it looking for?

#10 andreas.kraus on 12.22.06 at 8:05 am

Hi Casey,

it’s checking this path:

string text1 = Environment.GetFolderPath(Environment.SpecialFolder.ProgramFiles) + @”\MSBuild\Microsoft\WebDeployment\v8.0\aspnet_merge.exe”;

Where is the tool at your place?

#11 Casey on 12.22.06 at 2:32 pm

Not sure what the issue was yesterday… it works today.

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