Free Database for .NET Desktop or Mobile Applications

This is great for Desktop Applications and I consider using this Database instead of Access for small Applications in need of a capable SQL Database.

SQL Server Everywhere Overview

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Everywhere Edition offers essential relational database functionality in a compact footprint ideal for embedding in mobile and desktop applications including a new generation of occasionally connected dynamic applications.

Sharing a familiar SQL syntax and common ADO.NET programming model with other SQL Server Editions, and management via SQL Server 2005 Management Studio, SQL Server Everywhere allows developers and administrators to apply their existing skills and be immediately productive.

In addition, SQL Server Everywhere enables scale-up of an application, either via a robust synchronization with other SQL Server Editions, or by moving to a higher edition of SQL Server. SQL Server Everywhere allows you to extend your integrated data management platform deeper into your enterprise and into your mobile workforce.

When to use:

  • Essential relational database functionality in a compact footprint
  • Ideal for mobile and desktop applications, including occasionally connected
  • Embeddable in applications
  • Free to download, develop, deploy, and redistribute

Don’t use it when you:

  • When you want to run as a service
  • When you need a multi-user database server
  • You need the full functionality of SQL Server

In fact that is something I have been waiting for. Great Release Microsoft!

Download it here: SQL Server 2005 Everywhere Edition (CTP)


#1 Blacklight on 06.15.06 at 9:24 am

That’s good news Andreas, thanks.
Hey you’ve been on the last BDP Conference?

#2 andreas.kraus on 06.15.06 at 9:48 am

Yea i’ve been there but didn’t see you there! I’ve sent you an e-mail, good to hear from you dude!

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