My favorite SEO Tool

This URL is in my opinion pretty unique because of it’s great performance and very usuable tools. I’m using it for months for all kind of SEO related stuff.

What you find there is:

  • Link Value (pretty good to check if it’s worth to make a Link Exchange with someone)
  • Analysis / Linkpop (amount of backlinks, indexed sites, Google PageRank)
  • Domain Popularity (shows you all backlinks for the given domain, including up to 10 subpages per backlinking domain, host IP and Google PageRank)
  • Multi Pagerank (Great for checking other Datacenters for your PR – e.g. in case of an upcoming PR update)
  • .. and lots of other useful tools

I decided to share this gem with all my blog readers, so here you go:
LinkVendor – Professional SEO Tools

Antother very useful Tool is to avoid Google’s duplicate content penalty: Duplicate Content Checker


#1 Holmes on 07.14.06 at 10:53 am

The duplicate content checker is a really funny and useful tool. So you can also check how creativ and unique your writing is. 😉

Don\’t have checked the LinkVendor, yet – because of lack of knowledge about SEO topic. 🙁

So long…

PS: Thanks for the links.

#2 auto on 10.22.06 at 4:04 pm

Appreciate it men!

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