The perfect AdSense Placement

I recently read that article here: AdSense Strategy: No Borders, Mo’ Money at V7N from Peter Da Vanzo and would like to add a little follow up, very nice article by the way :).

After you removed all borders from your AdSense Ads and formated its colours there’s one alignment which serves great power. Look at this screenshot for example:

The perfect AdSense Design

What you see here is AdSense aligned in a way to show up as additional Navigation Bar. Of course it’s not a real navigation bar of that site but it looks like it. Newbies will probably go and click on those items because they think it’s part of the Navigation.

If you want to create such an AdSense-Navigation-Bar you need to go for a Text-Link Ad with border and font colour adjusted to your site, read the article posted above for more information about that.


#1 Jeff James on 04.30.06 at 4:42 pm

Great Article, thanks for the hint!

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[…] He recommends that after removing the borders from your Adsense Ads, you might want to try aligning them in a way to show up as additional Navigation Bar. You can click the link to view the screenshot. […]

#4 specimen on 11.30.06 at 6:13 pm

Thanks for tip. I’ll keep this in mind.

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