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We all know what spam is, the annoying Viagra E-Mails in our Inbox, the comments stuffed with links or even the SMS Messages on your Handy bugging you to call some Dating Hotline. There are a couple of popular spam forms:

  • Spam email = the grandfather of them all
  • Spam usenet postings = the grandma of them all
  • Spam blogs = splogs
  • Spam pings = spings
  • Spam referrers = it’s dying… but not yet gone
  • Spam blog comments

.. and the newest invention is Spam Trackbacks. Most WordPress Users get a notification and comment about Trackbacks by default. The spammer would post garbarge on his blog about your blog entry and you get a notification because of your blog’s settings. Now you click on the URL to see what the hell he is writing and voila – the Spammer gets his wanted traffic.

Now it’s questionable how effective this is, but it’s pretty annoying for sure. The Volume is increasing by the number of newly created Blogs. As this kind of spam is rising we should consider turning off Trackbacks, sad but true. Another feature exploited to death.


#1 John Loch on 06.29.06 at 11:36 am

There are, like traditional spam, ways around it. It’s far from new, in fact it’s been around for years and there’s plenty of WP plugins to deal with it.

The point behind it though is rarely to generate traffic from Webmasters. Rather, it’s typical use is to acquire backlinks in order to increase the perceived ‘link popularity’ of a site (by search engines) which aids in improving their sites rank for a given search term.

I myself operate a number of blogs, and see literally hundreds of trackbacks daily.

Not sure if it’ll help but I use Dave’s Spam Karma 2. It does the job nicely for me.

I found your post through Technorati BTW (tag: SEO)

Cheers 🙂

#2 andreas.kraus on 06.29.06 at 11:46 am

Dave’s Spam Karma 2 looks good, thanks for the tipp I’ll check it out!

Nice to see some traffic from Technochrati. Some good posts on your blog, added it to my reader 🙂


#3 nofollowed comment on 11.22.06 at 10:26 pm

but we all know there are things that suck much more than viagra spam…. like:

1. monrose comments spam
2. nofollowed blogrolls (wtf?)
3. nofollowed links in posts
4. nofollowed comments
5. people registering the whole f***ing domains
6. coders becoming SEO noobs knowing nothing about sustainability….

#4 Addy on 02.01.07 at 6:16 am

I hate spammers! (

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