When to use .NET inside SQL Server 2005

Some meaningful scenarios when to use .NET programming inside SQL Server 2005:

  • The developer is not very comfortable with T-SQL, an implementation with .NET seems to be easy and uncomplicated. After some tests the created elements don’t show any performance impacts.
  • The realization of T-SQL seems to be inadequately complex. Especially string manipulation and sequencing are not the strength of T-SQL. However, in .NET it’s rather easy by using existing methods and functions. It’s better to use .NET if it’s faster to develop but also faster or as good as T-SQL in performance.
  • The realization in T-SQL is not possible at all. .NET commands make functions possible which wouldn’t be equivalent to T-SQL. This is mostly the case when accessing external resources.

So in my opinion .NET in SQL Server 2005 is only a real alternative if you have to access external resources or have to deal with complex tasks. It’s still SQL Server 2005 and not .NET Application Server 2005 ;).


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