SubSonic 2.1 Beta released

Just in case you never heard about SubSonic yet, it’s a kickass DAL and I use it for a lot of my projects. Currently it supports SQL Server 2000 or 2005, MySQL and or Oracle (with SQLLite, SQLCE). They also offer a nice Starter-Kit which comes pre-wired with SubSonic, Membership, AJAX, Useful Utilities, and the FCK Editor. It’s based on the .NET 2.0 Framework but it’s automatically being converted by Visual Studio 2008 in case you use v3.5 already (which I strongly recommend).

With v2.1 they shipped a new Query Tool which is now fully capable of creating more complex queries, for example:

  Northwind.CustomerCollection customersByCategory = new Select()
        .InnerJoin(Northwind.OrderDetail.OrderIDColumn, Northwind.Order.OrderIDColumn)
        .InnerJoin(Northwind.Product.ProductIDColumn, Northwind.OrderDetail.ProductIDColumn)

Read more about the new version here. Check it out, I don’t want to miss it anymore ;).

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#1 Gethin Stevens on 05.15.08 at 12:19 pm

Oracle users be wary – there are several bugs in the Oracle implementation that need to be fixed before this becomes truly useful. We’ve used this very successfully for SQL Server but are building a bug list for Oracle. If/when we fix them we’ll post the fixes back to SubSonic but for the time-being Oracle support is not particularly strong.

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