Make the ASP.NET DataPager SEO friendly?

Currently I’m working on a brand new .NET Framework v4 Project which is using all the new stuff of the new framework version. So I decided to try out the ASP.NET DataPager once more. It was introduced in previous .NET Versions already. However, at the beginning it only provided Javascript/Postback URLs which were not crawlable by searchengines. I mentioned that on Scott Gu’s Blog back in the day, maybe that helped the process to include a “QueryString” Option. You can define the DataPager using this options:

 <asp:DataPager runat="server" ID="DataPager1" PageSize="10" PagedControlID="listViewProducts" QueryStringField="pageNumber">

By using the “QueryStringField” option it at least won’t create uncrawlable Javascript/Postback Links. However, URLs like still won’t satisfy my needs. The best solution would be to integrate the Datapager with URL Routing. What we need for SEO is Static URLs like and nothing less! I saw a post on codeproject which explains how to extend the Datapager using that kind of searchengine friendly URLs, but it got some annoying limitations:

  • It does not support postback for paging.
  • Only the Next/Previous etc., pager style is supported, not a list of page numbers with direct jump capability.
  • There is no declarative way to display paging information (e.g., “showing items 1-10 from 100, page 1 of 10”).

Due to those facts I unfortunately still need to use my own custom solution. I would love to see a Datapager / URL Routing integration in the future!


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