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Visiting VSone in Munich tomorrow

I’m visiting the VSone in Munich, Germany tomorrow. The topics are Visual Studio, .NET and SQL with a focus on the new .NET 3.5 Framework. It will take place in the IMAX Cinema on very big screens. I’ll arrive around 9 AM and I will also visit the party afterwards, which is taking place in the famous Planetarium.

If you happen to be there, feel free to drop me a line via e-mail or add me on Xing!

Attending the NAMM Show 2007 in L.A.

I will be in the USA for one week, flying on Monday from Frankfurt/Germany to Los Angeles. The NAMM Show 2007 takes place in Anaheim, I’ll post some impressions when I got back!

L.A. Namm SHOW

Side node: If you installed .NET 3.0 already and use my Deployment Tool, make sure you download the latest bits, I have set the Compiling Version to the most current 2.x .NET Framework Version so it doesn’t choose 3.0 automatically.


Blog Redesign / ASP.NET AJAX RC1 / VS SP1

I wanted to do this a long time ago already, now, finally, I finished redoing it. Hope you like it 🙂

ASP.NET AJAX RC1 has been released, the latest release before the fully supported final version

And Visual Studio 2005 SP1 Final is out now: VS 2005 SP1 Final

Enjoy 😉

On Vacation

I’m leaving for 2 weeks in a couple of hours, flying to Gran Canaria ;). I will respond to all the e-mails as soon as I get back, thanks and have a good time!


Where in the World is this Blog being read

Europe and the USA are on the top. Due to the fact that I keep this blog in English it’s being spread over the whole world. Personally I prefer speaking English anyway.


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