Atlas “Wiki Sample Kit” released

The ASP.NET Atlas Team have just released an “Atlas Wiki Sample Kit” based on the current Atlas build. This Wiki comes as a .VSI file that installs an “Atlas Wiki” template into your list of templates for Visual Studio 2005 (currently C# only).

I just tested it and I have to say it’s impressive. However, personally I won’t use Atlas until the final bits are out. Client-Side developing will be a very important topic but for now it’s “still in testing” you could say. There are several free AJAX Wrappers for .NET out there but apparently Atlas will integrate itself much more as it is a whole framework.

Also, Microsoft said Atlas will be multiple-browser-compatible. If that’s true it would be very nice and time saving.

Let’s just wait and see. The Atlas WiKi is definitely worth a look!

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#1 Keith on 10.19.06 at 6:30 pm

How is the cross-browser compatibility with Atlas as compared to AJAX?

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