Google PageRank update in progress!

I just checked several Datacenters and many of my new sites got finally PageRank! As of now, these Datacenters carry the new PageRank already:


There are several Multi PageRank checkers out there which make it easier for you to aquire your new PageRank, just google them.

Time to go and check your new Rankings! 🙂


#1 Mike on 06.30.06 at 12:55 pm

yeah the update is running!
looks like you got a fresh pr3, well congrats 😉

#2 andreas.kraus on 06.30.06 at 12:59 pm

Uh, in fact I’m only pushing – now the root domain got a PageRank, too, nice 🙂

#3 Mike on 06.30.06 at 1:40 pm

the blog is pr4 as I see 🙂
hey, your blog is too similar to Matt Cutt’s, but he’s not blogging any more 🙁

#4 andreas.kraus on 06.30.06 at 1:43 pm

It’s just the same WordPress theme 😉
Matt Cutts is on vacation, he will be blogging again..

#5 Mike on 06.30.06 at 1:51 pm

well I’m using the same theme too, so it’s a good theme 🙂
I just haven’t figured out yet how to make the urls look good… mine are just ?p=4 etc..

#6 andreas.kraus on 06.30.06 at 1:54 pm

WordPress Admin Panel > Options > Permalinks > Choose an option > create .htaccess file as shown on the page and upload it > done 🙂

#7 architect on 06.30.06 at 2:37 pm

doesn’t seem to have anything changed for our site yet … PR’s the same … gota wait and see =)

#8 Mike on 06.30.06 at 3:21 pm

thanks I’ll check it..

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[…] Darren Rowse (aka ProBlogger) has just reported that there is a Google Page Rank Update Rolling Out. A few hours earlier Andreas Kraus reported the same thing. There are some predictions that it will officially occur between July 7th and July 11th. More predictions on the exact day are going on at WebmasterCorner. […]

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