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I just went online with It’s still in Beta Stage but running quite smooth so far. I coded it in ASP.NET (v2) using some of the new techniques. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to use the new Login controls and had to build my own ones because I missed some essential features for my purposes. is a plattform for monitoring your SEO concerns and an marketplace for Link Exchanges. There are many planned features for the future, we’re working hard on improving it every day. A short overview about the idea behind this site:

  • Having a plattform which allows you to monitor your Link Exchanges.
    In detail: Whenever you achieved a Link Exchange with someone and he
    adds your Link to his site, YOU can add his site to your Site Panel
    here at Our Engine automatically checks now if the link
    still exists on your Linkpartners site. That way you immediately notice
    when someones cheats on you.
  • Another feature of our plattform is our marketplace. Everyone who
    uses has the ability to add his site to our marketplace.
    That way people can easily contact themselves by using our Private
    Messaging System. You can also set trade categories if you’d like to.
  • Nonetheless our System checks every link automatically at midnight
    and sends you an E-Mail if some Link is missing or dead. That way it’s
    very comfortable for you to maintain your SEO work.

I made some stress tests with and it’s really running smooth on IIS6(Windows 2003 Server). I will post some experiences while coding the project soon.


#1 CBsystematics on 08.03.08 at 12:34 am

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