Legally copying Music with Freemusic

S.A.D. developed a new Application which is able to copy Music and other Audiofiles legally without touching the copy protection. The Application “FreeMusic” acts like a Tape-Recorder from long ago: All Audiofiles being played with iTunes or the Windows Media Player can be recorded. Those copies can be played on other Players.

Digital to Analog to Digital

No matter which kind of Audiofile, FreeMusic can record every kind of music played on a PC. Therefore the analog soundcard interface is being used to create analog Recordings of the Audiofile. Due to the fact that the legislator allows analag copies the Application is performing utterly legal. The DRM-System isn’t even touched. The copy can be saved in every kind of format.

Just a scarcely loss of Quality

Every Audiofile has to be played from the beginning to the end to be able to copied. The quality loss shall be very little, it shouldn’t be heard by the buff ear. They even included a small Audio-Cutter which enables you to cut unwanted parts of the Audiofile. Additionally a Sampler normalizes the sound intensity. FreeMusic is available for 29,99 EURO on S.A.D.’s Homepage.

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