Shadowbane bites the dust, the end of Wolfpack

Wolfpack Studios – the developers of Shadowbane – is closing.

This according to sources at the development house who were recently informed that their jobs were being terminated. The last day for Wolfpack staff is May 15th.

Parent company UBISoft is said to instead be redirecting their company’s focus to next-gen platforms.

Those news were confirmed by Ashen Temper, the head of the game development. The game just hit its three-year anniversary and was recently offered free to all users.

In total, approximately 25 people at the Austin, TX studio have been left without work.

Indeed breaking news. So after Asheron’s Call 2, Shadowbane is going down. World of Warcraft is still leading the business. EverQuest 2 became more interesting due to its PvP Implementation, but still, no serious PvP mmorpg out so far.

Good Luck to all former Wolfpack Employees..


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