WebDAV and Windows Vista

Was anyone able to get this running on Windows Vista 32Bit or Windows Vista 64Bit? The funny thing is, 32Bit throws a different Error than 64Bit.

While Vista 64Bit is complaining about some folder called DavWWWRoot, Vista 32Bit says no matter what the folder I would like to set up is invalid.

I found this fix here: Software Update for Web Folders but it didn’t help me, same error.

How did I setup the WebDAV Folder on Windows 2003 Server? Pretty straight forward in fact:

  • Created a folder called WebDAV in my WWW root, in details: C:\root\domains\WebDAV
  • My Website is located in C:\root\domains\WebDAV\domain.com
  • I added a virtual folder to my website in IIS6, pointing to C:\root\domains\WebDAV and carrying the name WebDAV
  • I disabled anonymous connections and just enabled Windows Authentication
  • I made sure I got proper rights on that folder with my local Account
  • I fired up “Computer” on my local PC, added a network ressource and filled in http://www.mydomain.de/WebDAV as path.
  • I received an invalid folder error after typing in my credentials on Vista 32Bit, just using the domain without the WebDAV folder doesn’t help either.
  • On Vista 64Bit I’m receiving another error includin something about a DavWWWRoot which is as far as I know the standard root directory for WebDAVs – I even tried calling my folder DavWWWRoot but it didn’t change anything

So I were not able to get it running on Vista x32 or x64. This seems to be a serious bug in Vista as XP seems to do just fine. I can even connect to the folder with IE7 after filling in the credentials, but no drag&drop supported anymore as you can’t open it as WebFolder in IE7.

Does anyone have a fix or workaround for that? It’s really pretty annoying, I can’t believe Vista implented a buggy WebDAV Gateway and noone cared about it after almost 6 months!


#1 Ryan on 07.12.07 at 10:07 am

I’m having the same exact problem. And you’re absolutely right; no one seems to notice and or care. I’m tired of running XP in a VM just so I can use webDAV.

#2 Joshua on 08.07.07 at 8:21 pm

I had the same trouble trying to use Sharepoint Server which uses WebDAV to share files. I figured out if I used the VPN Hamachi
https://secure.logmein.com/products/hamachi/ and if I changed my host file to use the Hamachi IP, the WebDAV worked great.

#3 Mark on 08.10.07 at 9:26 am

I’ve had the same problem and have found a program that can act as a temporary solution, until Microsoft publishes an update

download the program BitKenex from here:

#4 Mark on 08.10.07 at 9:27 am


#5 Gp on 04.16.08 at 12:07 am

Same here.
SVi$ta Bu$ine$$ 32bit.
I found tht the directive cause the problem. if I just put DAV on within the or directives it works good. But if i add restriction it throws an error trying to follow DAVwwwRoot links instead of the path where my docs are published.

#6 Tag on 11.22.08 at 8:18 pm

This problem persists in the test version of Windows 7 x64 🙁

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