eBay bans Google Checkout

eBay has updated it’s “Safe Payments Policy” to specifically NOT allow Google Checkout.

Here’s the relevent excerpt:

Payment Services not permitted on eBay: AlertPay.com, anypay.com, AuctionChex.com, AuctionPix.com, BillPay.ie, ecount.com, cardserviceinternational.com, CCAvenue, ecount, e-gold, eHotPay.com, ePassporte.com, EuroGiro, FastCash.com, Google Checkout, gcash, GearPay, Goldmoney.com, graphcard.com, greenzap.com, ikobo.com, Liberty Dollars, Moneygram.com, neteller.com, Netpay.com, Nochex.com, paychest.com, payingfast.com, paypay, Postepay, Qchex.com, rupay.com, scripophily.com, sendmoneyorder.com, stamps, Stormpay, wmtransfer.com, xcoin.com.

Now this is something to think about. It seems like eBay doesn’t want to go for a fair fight. Banning Google Checkout from eBay is a step forward in making it a dirty war against Google. It also shows that eBay or specifically PayPal is afraid of Google’s new service.

My opinion: That’s not the right way to go eBay, it will produce more harm than good.

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#1 Holmes on 07.07.06 at 10:15 am

Nice one. Seems they really don’t like the idea of an opponent in that business. Are they really allowed to that?

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