New Windows Vista Standard Theme

It’s really looking great, check it out:

Windows Vista Aero

Amazing Artwork. Much better than the Windows XP default theme.

Windows Vista uses the Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) to deliver some amazing user experience features collectively called Windows Aeroâ„¢ which include; Desktop Composition, Glass window frames with colored glass, window thumbnails and Flip3D, a new window management facility. All of the Windows Aeroâ„¢ features are enabled in Windows Home Premium, our Business SKUs, and Ultimate assuming you have the appropriate hardware. On Home Basic, you get Desktop Composition with opaque colored glass windows frames.

If you don’t have a display driver capable of running WDDM you’ll get the Windows Vista Basic theme which does not benefit from some of the more graphically intensive features such as desktop composition and glass window frames. This is a good, clean interface called the Basic or Standard theme, but lacking the glass window frames of Aero™.

I thought about buying a new laptop but I guess I wait until Windows Vista is out. Then I can be sure it’s running fine on the new laptop.

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#1 Good on 10.23.06 at 11:23 pm


#2 Dale on 04.24.07 at 8:20 pm

i cant have windows aero 🙁

#3 angel on 05.16.07 at 5:32 am


#4 misha on 08.11.07 at 6:19 am

how to download?

#5 Yask on 12.19.07 at 7:48 am

Can you send me this and tell me how to do this to my mail,I also want to activate aero.


#6 jong on 03.04.08 at 3:53 pm

how do i get that kind of features in my desktop??love that glass effect!!

#7 Forrest on 04.02.08 at 1:20 am

And the truth is it looks nice. More importantly, it doesn’t *seem to* affect performance. Based on the tech literature, Microsoft ported all the GUI work from the CPU to the GPU, which implies that this new compositing stuff could actually make the O/S run *faster* because, well, the user interface isn’t competing with running programs and services for access to the main chip.

But at the end of the day … or really about six months … the real world verdict is that Vista looks and performs nice.

#8 Anna on 02.12.09 at 9:28 pm

can i know how to download it?

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