Gaming on Vista 10 to 15 Percent Slower than XP

Microsoft is reportedly telling it’s gaming industry associates that games will run 10-15% slower on their new operating system due to the new GUI implemented.

Vista’s new 3D desktop will constantly be draining the PC of video memory that games could make use of, so in actual fact many of your favourite games will probably run faster on Windows XP. Of course after Vista arrives new PCs and hardware will be built especially for Vista which will increase performance anyway.

In the end, that should be clear for everyone. Windows Vista will be heavily bloated and if you don’t plan on disabling all that shiny stuff you will suffer a significant performance loss. I will upgrade to Vista as soon as it’s out, however, I will buy new hardware, too, in fact a complete new custom PC. If my games still don’t run smooth, the shiny stuff gotta go.


#1 Travis on 10.18.06 at 5:54 pm

Pretty sad day when a OS release forces a new PC purchase. I’ll stick to my un-optimized enough XP.

#2 Heard it before on 11.30.06 at 5:57 am

Well they said the same with NT/98 > XP , and yes there was much greater loading time etc. But every one forgets that vista was designed for DX10 and that offers far superior game performance. I will have two drives….One loaded with xp and dx9

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