New Atlas Build Available for Download with ASP.NET 2.0

The January CTP build of Atlas was made available today and can be downloaded from  This is a pretty big release of Atlas that has a number of new and improved goodies.

The beauty of the <atlas:updatepanel> control is that it enables you to take an existing ASP.NET page with controls and Ajax enable it in under 5 minutes or less (including error handling + progress message UI, etc), without having to write a single line of javascript (note: Atlas also provides a very, very rich client
javascript library if you want to use that as well — but you don’t need to write to it at all unless you want to).

Nikhil posted a great blog entry today that summarizes all of the additional features and enhancements to the <atlas:updatepanel> scenarios that were added as part of this new Atlas CTP drop.  As you can see, there is now much richer support for
error handling and updateprogress UI you can take advantage of as well.


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