Skype: The Mafia’s favorite tool

Skype, a pretty nice voice communication tool. Almost everyone who’s surfing the internet knows it. It’s easy, user-friendly and offers many features.

..but did you ever think about it’s value for criminal organisations? Ok, in this case it’s not Skype anymore, it’s Voice Communication Software in common. Voice over IP is immune against tapping the wire. The Voice over IP Companys would have to connect a SIP proxy between the Calls to be able to enable tapping the wire, at the moment real Peer to Peer Calls are happening. They proabably have to include such a proxy until 2008, though.

Then Encryption becomes interesting. Companys will offer an encrypted line but they would have to decrypt it for the police or the FBI if they want to tap the wire. So.. a smart customer does its own encryption at his and his voice partner’s peer. It’s almost impossible for the police to decrypt that stream, of course it’s possible but there’s absolutely no time for it.

So we end up with a perfect safe Voice Communication, ever looked up the nickname The Godfather on Skype? 😉


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